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Achieving Lean Changeover
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SMED Tip of the Month

Achieving Lean Changeover: Putting SMED to Work Is a book from Productivity Press. Order here:

It's also a workshop presented in your plant to teach lean changeover techniques.

Both are jammed with practical examples that you can implement today to make changeover faster and more accurate.

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Little improvements can make a big difference. Eliminating 10 minutes of daily downtime results in 40 hours of additional uptime per year.

This month's tip comes from my Achieving Lean Changeover: Putting SMED to Work book and workshop. It is something that seldom occurs to most people. It never occurred to me until I read Shingo's book on SMED.

Screw threads.

All holding in a threaded fastener is done by the threads in the male and female component. Yet how many times do you see a bolt with a half inch, an inch or more of thread extending above the fastener. These threads serve no purpose except to waste time.

They should be eliminated.

Cross threading can also be a problem. This can be eliminated by removing the unneeded threads while leaving the root. The nut slides down and when the threads make contact they are perfectly aligned.

More changeover tips are available in my book Achieving Lean Changeover:Putting SMED to Work available from CRC Press as well as Amazon