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Achieving Lean Changeover:Putting SMED to Work
Achieving Lean Changeover
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Packaging Machinery Handbook
Secrets of Buyng Packaging Machinery
Secrets of Buying Packaging Machinery
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Effective Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting tools
The 5 key troubleshooting tools
Troubleshooting by tinkering is common and wrong. Mechanics, electricians and other technicians can spend hours replacing parts, making adjustments, poking and prodding and generally scratching their heads trying to resolve a problem with a machine or system.

When they finally fix it, they may have little idea of how they did it. Worse, they may not have addressed the underlying root cause. Even technicians who know better may get pressured into quick and dirty repairs to get production moving again.  

This is ineffective troubleshooting and is wasteful of technician and machine time as well as materials.

Effective troubleshooting is the art of diagnosing the root cause of a problem, identifying the best means of correction and implementing it. Good diagnostic skills are a key to Total Productive maintenance (TPM)

At we have developed and teach a 5 step process for Effective Troubleshooting. Our process makes technicians more efficient by helping them identify and implement necessary repairs more quickly. More importantly, it makes them more effective. Making the wrong repair is ineffective no matter how efficiently it is done.

Our Secrets of Effective Troubleshooting workshop is presented in English or Spanish, in your plant, on your schedule, focusing on your requirements.  

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