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Packaging Machinery Handbook
Packaging Machinery Handbook
Secrets of Buyng Packaging Machinery
Secrets of Buying Packaging Machinery
Machinery Matters
Machinery Matters Changeover, SMED, OEE & more 787-550-9650 (voice/text)
John Henry's Reading List

"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it is too dark to read anyway" - Groucho Marx

The following is a list of books that I have found both useful and interesting over the years. There are not many books written about changeover or SMED and I have listed the ones I have found here. If anyone has additional recommendations, drop me a note at and I will add them here.

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Books by John R Henry

Achieving Lean Changeover:Putting SMED to Work
- This book was written for Productivity Press as a follow-on to Shingo's masterwork on SMED. Shingo focused on heavier industries such as automotive and it can sometimes be difficult to translate those concepts to lighter industries such as assembly, packaging, plastics and the like. This book was written to show how to use SMED in those industries. Shingo did not address costs of downtime in his book. This one does. This book discusse the ESEE (Eliminate, Simplify, Externalize, Execute) system in depth.

Available at Amazon or directly from Productivity Press at

Packaging Machinery Handbook - This is the first comprehensive book written about packaging machinery from line loading to case packing. The book includes chapters on line loading, filling (liquids and solids) capping and closing, labeling and more. It is currently used as the textbook in packaging machinery courses at 6 major colleges and universities.

Available at Amazon or order direct from CreateSpace at
When ordering through CreateSpace, use discount code HZ42CJ99 to receive 20% off the list price.

Machinery Matters:John Henry on Packaging, Machinery, Troubleshooting - This is a collection of over forty articles and columns I wrote during the ten years I was a contributing writer at Food and Beverage Packaging magazine. Included in the collection is a series of ten articles I wrote on troubleshooting different types of packaging machinery.

Available at Amazon or order direct from CreateSpace at
When ordering through CreateSpace, use discount code HZ42CJ99 to receive 20% off the list price.

Secrets of Buying Packaging Machinery - Rich Frain of Frain Group  a
nd I have almost 80 years of combined experience working with capital projects. Many of these projects are with packaging lines or machines but also other manufacturing, process and construction projects. We've seen a lot of the things that can go wrong as well as how it can be done right. We decided to share our experience and this book is the result. It takes the project manager through the entire process from a gleam in the designer's eye to fully efficient production and beyond.

The book focuses on packaging machinery but is generally applicable to any project.

Available at Amazon or directly from CreateSpace at

Secrets of Effective Troubleshooting - This book is based on my Secrets of Effective Troubleshooting workshop and will be available in 2014

Other Books

A Revolution in Manufacturing: The SMED System - Shigeo Shingo

    If you can only have one book, this is the book to have. It explains why we need to reduce changeover times and how to go about it. Although it is aimed more at heavier manufacturing, the concepts can be applied anywhere.     
Quick Changeover for Operators: The SMED System - Productivity Press Team

This is from Productivity Press' Shopfloor Series. It is essentially a condensation or simplification of Shingo's book. If you have read the SMED book you will find nothing new here. It is valuable as a training tool to introduce others to SMED.

As a general comment, I have had a chance to review a number of the Shopfloor Series books and find them very good. They may be a bit basic for some tastes but remember they are aimed at floor level people. As such, they are extremely useful.
Kaizen for Quick Changeover: Going Beyond SMED -Kenichi Sekine and Keisuke Arai

Kaizen is Japanese for Continuous Improvement. This book discusses ways of improving changeover processes with lots of illustrations and practical tips. It also discusses costs of changeover. Again, more for heavier manufacturing than typical packaging but very useful with many ideas which can be translated to a smaller scale.

True Downtime Cost Analysis -Don Fitchett & Mike Sondalini

A major issue that lean practioners have is justifying the cost of downtime to management. Management, rightly, needs to see projects justified with dollar costs, In my experience few companies know what their cost of downtime is. This is partly because it can be difficult to calculate.

Finally there is a book that shows how to do this. Fitchettt and Sondalini have done an excellent job that is both sophisticated enough to be believable to the finance manager yet simple enough that the floor manager or engineer can easily use it. I highly recommend it.

Available directly from the authors as a PDF at

Poka-Yoke: Improving Product Quality by Preventing Defects - Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun

Poka-Yoke means "mistake proofing. While this book is not about changeover per se, it has many good ideas for simplifying setups and making them mistake proof. This will ultimately help in reducing changeover times as well. Lots of good illustrations.     

The Goal -Elyahu Goldratt

This is THE book on the theory of constraints. It explains how to identify and deal with bottlenecks or constraints in your processes. A must have for anyone in manufacturing.
The Visual Factory: Building Participation through Shared Information - Michel Greif, 1991

This book is about how to present information and physically organize a manufacturing plant. A lot of the information can be used to help make documentation of changeovers and procedures more readily available and user friendly.     
Improving Changeover Performance - S. Culley, A. Mileham, R. McIntosh, G. Owen

There are not many books dealing specifically with changeover in packaging, printing or other smaller scale production processes. This is far and away the best.
Becoming Lean: Inside Stories of US Manufacturers - Edited by Jeffrey K. Liker

Lean manufacturing is a culture or a process of fully utilizing the resources available and minimizing waste in manufacturing. Quick changeover is one important part of lean manufacturing in that it reduces downtimes and allows us to run smaller lots. This book is a series of case studies of different industries by different authors and very interesting.     

My Life and Work
- Henry Ford
Today and Tomorrow
- Henry Ford
Moving Forward
– Henry Ford

These are 3 fascinating books about Henry Ford's ideas on how an industrial firm should be organized and why. It has absolutely nothing to do with changeover. Henry Ford made a single car, the Model "T" in essentially one model for a number of years. He believed in dedicated products and dedicated machinery. He had the luxury of almost never having to perform a changeover. The ways he wrung costs out of the automobile still have lessons for us 75 years later.

Set-Up Time Reduction - Jerry W. Claunch

This is an excellent book specifically about reducing setup times. It take a holistic approach and covers a number of areas. You can learn a lot from it.
Analysis and Control of Variation - John S. McConnell

This is an excellent book on statistical process control

Safer Than A Known Way - John S. McConnell

This is not just one of the best books on the subject I have ever read.

It is THE best book I have ever read on the concept of quality. It completely changed my thinking.