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Course outline

Achieving Lean Changeover: Putting SMED to Work



The “Achieving Lean Changeover: Putting SMED to Work” kaizen workshop is a practical course designed to teach the basics of changeover and provide the analytical tools needed to effectively identify and implement reductions in changeover downtime. John Henry's book of the same name, available from Productivity Press, it based on the concepts taught in this course.




John R. Henry CPP, MBA, Principal,, Author Achieving Lean Changeover: Putting SMED to Work (Productivity Press), Packaging Machinery Handbook (CreateSpace Press), Secrets of Buying Packaging Machinery with Rich Frain (CreateSpace Press). Machinery Matters (CreateSpace Press)


Length of Course:


The workshop is normally two days long but may be extended as needed to provide a deeper kaizen blitz.


Who should attend:


Attendees should include all team members involved in changeover. Typical attendees include engineers, operators, technicians, mechanics, sanitors, packaging and production supervisors and managers. Other attendees may include personnel from quality, validation, materials and other departments.


Course content:


The workshop is divided in two units, normally presented on successive days.

Unit I is a combination of lecture and discussion in a class or conference room.

Upon completion of Unit I attendees will understand:


  • Pitstop model of changeover: motivations and techniques
  • Definition of terms
  • Background and history of SMED
  • "Lean" vs "quick" changeover
  • Importance of improved changeover including benefits to individuals (WIIFM?) and company as well as a discussion of tangible and intangible costs
  • Need for total involvement and the role of each department in the company
  • The ESEE methodology of rapid changeover. Numerous examples are shown with pictures, video and samples.
  • Elimination of unnecessary tasks
  • Simplification of all remaining tasks
  • Externalization of changeover tasks to the maximum extent possible
  • Execute all adjustments and changeover tasks consistently and repeatably
  • Changeover exercise with the Monster Maker Changeover Simulator.



Unit II applies the lessons of Unit I on the production or packaging line or via previously prepared video or by other means. A written action plan is developed with opportunities, solutions, time and money budget and responsibilities.


The program and materials are available in English and Spanish. John Henry is fully bilingual and has presented the program in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Ecuador and Guatamala.

Materials to be provided by


Course manuals for all attendees

Certificates of completion for all attendees

Materials to be provided by client:


Suitable conference or class room

Overhead LCD Projector

Flip chart and/or whiteboard

Video of a changeover for use in Unit II (If applicable)  


The price for the 2 day program is $4,950.00 including all materials, travel and living expenses. (Continental US. Higher in other areas)



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