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What we do

Workshops & training

"The only thing worse than training a teammate and losing them, is not training the teammate and keeping them." - Zig Ziglar
Achieving Lean Changeover: Putting SMED to Work

This workshop puts your teammates on the same page and provides a method to identify and implement changeover improvements. It is normally coupled with a one to four (or more) day kaizen event to reinforce the lesson. Kaizen is a Japanese word for continuous improvement. A kaizen event is a concentrated short term event focused on achieving specific goals. In this case identifying and implementing changeover improvements.

Secrets of Effective Troubleshooting

Tired of your technicians troubleshooting by tinkering? This workshop teaches them how find the right problem and fix it right.

Secrets of Effective Tool Usage

This half-day workshop is offered in 2 versions, a basic version for operators who use tools incidentally and an advanced version for mechanics and other technicians who use tools routinely.

Secrets of Vibratory Feeders

Vibratory bowl feeders  are one of the simplest automation devices in use today but can be a mystery to many who design, maintain and use them. This workshop demystifies them.
Don't miss the article explaining how they work at

Custom workshops

We design and present custom workshops and training programs on any type of machinery, maintenance, OEE, plant operations and...

Packaging Machinery Basics

Packaging Machinery Basics is a 3 day course I developed for the Institute of Packaging Professionals and have taught twice annually since 2008 at Frain Industries. This course is open to all. We also offer it as an in-house course taught in your plant. More information at

All workshops are taught in English or Spanish.

Email for detailed course descriptions.

Operational Excellence

"Operational excellence is not an act but a habit" - Adapted from Aristotle

Changeover assessments with action plans

We visit your plant, assess your current changeover practices and provide a detailed action plan for improvement.

Kaizen event facilitation

We design and facilitate kaizen events in your plant

Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)

We evaluate your process and design and install an OEE monitoring system.

Distant assistance

When distances and travel expenses may be prohibitive, we provide operational excellence assistance from a distance using Skype, video conferencing, video evaluation and other worldwide technologies.

Product/machine compatibility studies (design for manufacture)

We work with designers and manufacturers to minimize compatibility issues between product and production.

Technical writing

We develop maintenance, operating and changeover manuals SOPs and other documentation for machine builders and end users.


John Henry is always a popular speaker. He is available to speak to your company team or group on changeover, manufacturing, packaging, quality, management or you name it.

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