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Wisdom from the Wizard

Wisdom from the Wizard
John R Henry

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Achieving Lean Changeover book
Achieving Lean Changeover: Putting SMED to Work is a follow-on to Shigeo Shingo's masterwork A Revolution in Manufacturing: The SMED System. There are two significant differences in approach:

Shingo, coming from Toyota, focused on heavy manufacturing and some find it hard to apply his principles to lighter manufacturing such as assembly, molding, packaging and the like. This book focuses on those industries.

Japanese managements tend to put much less emphasis on cost benefit analysis for lean improvements than American managements. This book adds a chapter on financial impacts and evaluation.

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Achieving Lean Changeover Coursebook
Achieving Lean Changeover: Putting SMED to Work Coursebook is the coursebook used in my Achieving Lean Changeover workshop. It includes all PowerPoint slides as well as additional materials.

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Packaging Machinery Handbook was written for those new to the packaging industry as well as those with many years experience. It is useful for those working with the package who need to know how it will be run in the plant and for those who work with machinery but want to learn more.

All commonly used packaging machinery is covered from line loading, to case packing and sealing and everything in between.

This is the only book ever written on packaging machinery and is used as a primary text in several schools of packaging.

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Secrets of Buying Packaging Machinery, written with Rich Frain, is based on our combined 70+ years of working on packaging and other capital projects.

This books begins with the initial idea for a new product and ends with the line up and running. In between every step of the design, purchase and commissioning process is discussed.

This book focuses on packaging machinery but is a useful guide to the process of purchasing any kind of capital machinery.

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I was a contributing writer for Food & Beverage Packaging magazine for almost 10 years. This book is a collection of my columns and articles.

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