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Who is John Henry?

John Henry's ability to make downtime and changeover time disappear as if by magic has earned him worldwide fame as the Changeover Wizard.

John's broad, deep, experience includes stints in the US Navy, Manager Facility Operations for a pharmaceutical manufacturing campus, and ownership and operation of a manufacturing machinery design, sales & service business. In 1996 he founded to reduce changeover time in manufacturing and other industries. In 2007 he sold the machinery business and since then has focused on SMED, Operational Excellence, Overall Equipment Effectiveness / Efficiency (OEE) and other lean manufacturing activities.

In addition to industry experience, John was an Adjunct Instructor at Southern New Hampshire University's Graduate School of Business from 1982 to 2012. In that capacity, John developed and taught courses in Operations Management, Strategic Management, Organizational Theory and Development, Compensation Management and other courses.

From 2005 to 2013 John was an Adjunct Instructor in the graduate industrial engineering program at the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico. He developed and taught their Packaging Technology course.

John holds an MBA with concentrations in Industrial Management and Human Resource Management from InterAmerican University (1979). John also holds a Master of Science in Business Education from Southern New Hampshire University (2004)

John has published over 100 papers, articles and columns in industry journals and magazines. Many of these are collected in his book: Machinery Matters:John Henry on Packaging, Machinery, Troubleshooting (Request a free PDF copy via the form below)

Other books include:

Packaging Machinery Handbook

Achieving Lean Changeover: Putting SMED to Work

Secrets of Buying Packaging Machinery (with Rich Frain)

John was awarded a patent for a Two Part Mixing Container for keeping hair dye and activator separate until mixing prior to application.

John  is active in the Institute of Packaging Professionals where he developed and presents their semi-annual course "Packaging machinery Basics"

John is also a founding director of the Institute for Pharmaceutical Engineering.

John is fully bi-lingual in English and Spanish.

He may be contacted at or on his mobile cell at 787-550-9650 during eastern business hours.

Full CV on request.