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Achieving Lean Changeover Book
Achieving Lean Changeover
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Packaging Machinery Handbook
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Secrets of Buying Packaging Machinery
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10W-40 Production Lubricant
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Change Downtime to Uptime

10W-40 is not just a motor oil, it is a production lubricant. Whenever you think of 10W-40, you should remember that 10 wasted minutes daily (the 10W) loss, 5 days a week, 50 weeks per year, adds up to more than 40 hours of lost production. Once your team realizes the effect of small losses, they will start stomping them.

What would you do with an extra week of production capacity?

Lean manufacturing is all about converting downtime to uptime.

In most plants the main cause of downtime is changeover between products.

What about yours?

Slashing changeover downtime is easy, or as we prefer to say, ESEE (Eliminate, Simplify, Externalize, Execute). It seldom involves major, if any, capital expenditures. Initial results can often be seen in days.

A lean or quick changeover program, sometimes referred to as SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Dies from Shigio Shingo's book A Revolution in Manufacturing:The SMED System) will have a payback measured in weeks. What are you doing about your losses?

Reducing setup and changeover time is a triple whammy for Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) It directly increases availability by reducing downtime. Better quality changeovers mean your process runs better, improving Performance and Quality as well.

So what is stopping you? specializes in smiting downtime. We offer workshops, assessments and other programs to put your plant to work. We also offer distant assistance via evaluation of changeover video and online training.

Contact John Henry today at 787-550-9650, email him or fill the form below to find out how you can start implementing lean changeover. 

Our Downtime Loss Calculator calculates how much time and money you are losing from daily downtime.

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